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Ladakh Tour

Ladakh means the land of high passes, also known as the land of endless discoveries, the moon land, little Tibet ...., situated on the Northern part of India at an altitude of 9000 feet to 25000 feet, bounded by the Great Himalayas, in the Karakoram ranges.

Ladakh is bounded by world's two mightiest mountain ranges the great Himalayan and the Karakoram, It lies athwart two others The Ladakh and the Zanskar range. It lies at altitude ranging from about 2,750m to 7,673m. The temperature in summer goes upto 27C and in winter it drops down to minus 20C. Monks at Thiksey Monastery hermits and Nuns. Islam came to Ladakh from central Asia and Kashmir after 15th century AD. Now the Kargil, Drass and Suru valley is populated by Shia and Sunis are in Leh and Kargil in smaller scale.

Trekking Routes in Ladakh

The Pangong Lake Circuit

The beautiful high altitude Pangong Lake is also another popular destination with trekkers. It is a picturesque route that covers Shey and Thikse with their interesting monasteries, before turning off into the side valley of Chemrey. It goes over the Chang - la , the pass over the Ladakh range which despite it height is not too difficult to tackle. At the base of the pass, tangse has an ancient temple. The trek ends at spangmik, which is the furthest point to which foreigners are permitted - about 7 km along the southern bank of the lake.


In winter the temp touches as low as minus 30 degree(Leh & Kargil) and minus 60 degree in (Drass) subzero temp.prevails from December to February throughout Ladakh, where as, zero degree temp.'s experienced during rest of winter months. This result in freezing of all conceivable water resources. During summer the maximum temp.increases from 20 degree C to 38 degree C in July and August. The relative humidity is low and ranges from 31 to 64 percent.

No special permit is required to visit Ladakh, however all foreigner tourist are required to get themselves registered at the check points when getting into Ladakh. Inner line permit is needed for the following areas:

1. Nubra Valley
2. Tsomoriri Lake
3. pangong Lake
4. Dhahanu

A Ladakh Family

Foreign Climbing expeditions are required to obtain permission from the Indian Mountaineering Foundation for climbing Peaks above 6000 feet. All these can be arranged by us.

May to September

Ladakh can be divided into 2 districts  Leh and Kargil

Leh: Leh, The capital of Ladakh since the 14th Century situated at an altitude of 11000 ft. The main attraction is the nine storey Leh Palace (Built by Singge Namgyal in

Founder of Ladakh paradise sitting in Center

16th century) and Tsemo (Victory Peak) built by Tashi Namgyal. The other places of importance are the Sankar Monastery, Shanti Stupa Zoravar Fort etc. It is also the main business centre of Ladakh.

Leh can be subdivided into four main tourist circuits:

Nubra Valley :
Popularly known as the "Ldomra or the valley of flowers situated at an altitude of about 10000 ft. The major attraction is the world highest road (Khardong la 18,380 ft) The capital of Nubra, Diskit is 118 km from Leh has a beautiful monastery(founded in 1420) on the hilltop just above the village. 7 km from Diskit is the village of Hunder, very famous for double hump camels which is only found in Central Asia and Nubra Valley. Other attractions are the villages of Trith, Sumur, Tegar (Samstangling Monastery ) and Panamik (hot springs). 7 to 8 kms from Panamik is Ensa Monastery 250 years old, can only go by walking. 3-4 hours.

DHA-HANU:150 - 170Km from Leh,situated at an altitude of 10,000ft is the Land of the "DROK-PA"an Indo Aryan race. Only two village is open for tourist Dha&Biama. Their cultural and religious practices are totally different from the rest of Ladakh. They believe in an ancient pre-Buddhist Animist religion known as "BON-CHOS".This people used to never take bath a few years earlier,"saying that if you wash your self,Your Luck goes away".It has much to offer to scholars in the field of Ethnology&Social Anthropology.

Central Ladakh:
The area around river Indus starting from Upshi to Khaltse. This is the most beautiful area with lots of Monasteries and Villages. The capital of Ladakh (Leh) also comes under this area. The major attractions are the nine storey palace (Leh), the palace museum of Stok, Hemis, Thiksey, Chemrey, Phyang, Lamayuru, Spituk, Ridzong, Alchi Monasteries and villages of Basgo, Nimoo, Sankar etc.

Changthang Area:
The land of nomad. Called the "Khampas" are Chamgpas". There are two race of nomads, one is the Ladakhi nomads and the other Tibetan nomads Lives here in their yak skin, movable tents. They can be seen moving around with their herds of yaks, goat and sheep, and cows in search of pasture lands. The area is also famous for its wild life. You may see snow leopards, foxes, wolves wild asses, antelopes, marmots and also some endangered species of birds like the bar headed goose, crested grebe, brahimi ducks, etc.

Kargil can be subdivided into two tourist circuits:

The second Largest town of Ladakh,is around 230Km from Leh,was once the trade route that leads to Kashmir,Baltistan,Afghanistan and Central Asia and Tibet. It still retains its conservative Balti Shia Muslim culture and has two fine Mosques built in Turkish style. Now use as a stop over when going to Srinagar or Zanskar.

The land of Religion,it is noted for its high ranges,fine Gompas and gentle people. It has the largest number of Gompas in Ladakh region outside the Indus Valley. The land is virtually untouched until now. Now a popular destination for adventure treks. The famous peaks of Nun & Kun also are in Zanskar. Padum is the the main habitation and subdivisional headquarter. Close by are two famous Gompas of Stagrimo&Pibithing. A two hour trek from Padum takes one to Karsha Gompa(16th Century).This is the largest and the wealthiest Gompa of this region. Other interesting Gompas of this region are:-Sani(6Km from Padum),Stongdey(18Km),Bardan(12Km)and the Phugtal Gompa.

Getting into Ladakh

From Delhi, Chandigarh, Jammu and Srinagar.


Manali -Leh 473 Km, opens in around 15th June, closes around 1st Nov.
Srinagar - Leh 434km, opens in around 15th May, closes around 1st Nov. (Opening and closure of roads depend on the weather).
Taxis and buses are available from these places.

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